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Using your sour dough – Strawberry Sour Dough pancakes

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There are loads of recipes out there for sour dough bread, and mine isn’t that great, so its probably better you try other methods first. However, one thing I find is that even baking twice weekly, I always seem have too much starter. Its not really a bad thing, because you can just feed it more. However, more bugs, means they need more food and starters can be greedy little things, even when they do live in the fridge. If you can reduce your starter size, it’ll be cheaper to feed.

I’m a big fan of using up my starter rather than chucking any of it away. A number of my friends don’t bake, or can’t have wheat etc, so I’m rather limited with who I can give some to. My absolute favourite thing to make every weekend is sour dough pancakes. These are so super yummy. Plus, because I make these about a week after I last fed my starter, the gluten and other proteins are beautifully broken down, so they are really easy on the tummy if you have any intolerance issues or need something a bit slower in the GI department.

Some sour dough pancake recipes require you to have a bubbling and active starter, but not so in this case. This recipe is also SUPER versatile. I love adding a quick splash of real vanilla extract and some chopped up strawberries. Its a great alternative way to use up fruit that isn’t at its freshest but still edible. Like the odds and ends you would chuck into a smoothie. The strawberries cook down into a soft oozy yummy jammy mess that the kids and I just love! Even the spouse has been known to join us for an early breakfast on pancake day!

This is more than enough for my family of 4 (2 adults, 1 hungry toddler and a 6 month old who doesn’t eat much yet)

Stir your starter and pour 2 cups into a bowl and add

2 tablespoons of ordinary sugar

1 egg

4 tablespoons of olive oil

pinch of salt if you’re not into salt free cooking

If you’re going for vanilla and strawberries, add them in now. You’ll need a teaspoon of vanilla extract and roughly a cupped single handful of chopped berries.

Whisk it all up till nice and smooth.

In a separate little ramekin or cup dissolve

1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda into

1 tablespoon of warm water

Switch your oven onto low and shove in a baking tray covered with a tea towel to keep these warm while you make the whole batch.

Turn on your stove (medium heat) and wipe a little olive oil over your non stick pan to give it a light coating.

Then mix your bicarb mix into the bowl of other ingredients and stir. It will start to foam and froth very gently.

Pour some dollops into your pan and flip them once you can see some bubbles coming through and the edges are starting to cook. You’ll get a feel for how long they need before flipping as you go along, it’ll depend on what pan you’re using and how hot your stove is. Once they’ve been cooked on both sides, pop them into the oven wrapped in the tea towel.

They are great served plain or with butter, jam, fresh fruit etc and a nice hot cup of tea. You could go the whole cream, bacon and maple syrup route if you really want to.

Bon appetit.

P.S. They disappeared so quickly, I didn’t get a chance to take a pic of the finished pancakes. I’ll try with this week’s batch!


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