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Apricots and slow cookers

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“I love apricots. They’re so fuzzy they’re furry. They’re like little pets you can eat legally.”
― Jarod Kintz

They are also fantastic in savoury dishes. I  usually use them chopped in meatloaf with apricot jam for the glaze. But my absolute favourite way to eat them, is with chicken, yum yum! My fortnightly meal challenge this week will be to do Apricot Glazed Roast Chicken Pieces. I’m so excited by the idea I have in my head that I simply can’t WAIT to do this. Keep an eye out for the results.

And as an added bonus, apricots are a fairly good and healthy choice in terms of fruit. High in vitamins A and C, Iron and Potassium AND three apricots are roughly 50 calories, what’s not to love!!!! They’re my favourite dried fruit to snack on!

I also have lovely memories of the apricot tree in our back yard when I was a child. It’s still there and roughly 80 years old now. It doesn’t produce fruit any more, but my Dad has kept it for the lovely peaceful shade cast by its heart shaped leaves every summer.

When I was young and limber, we used to climb it almost every day, great practise for picking the fruit when it eventually ripened. Just thinking about that tree brings back endless hot days, the sound of the cicadas rasping away and the mielie ladies calling their wares as they made their way along our road.

I remember my Gran making the most delicious apricot jam. She never had need for a jam thermometer, or jam sugar, or special tongs to hold the hot bottles. I guess she had a lifetime of preserving practice behind her, which does help. I absolutely adore her recipes, they really evoke that warm, comforting and safe feeling I remember about being a small child. Reading her tiny, faded scrawl in her hand written recipe book, falling apart from years of daily use and making her bakes and jams gives me such joy.

I get my craving for comfort foods from her cooking. Now that winter is approaching, I’m starting to get quite excited by all the casseroles and pies I have planned. I especially love that it will be cold enough to leave a load of fridge groceries in the boot of the car for the whole day without fear of them spoiling. We have to have SOME positives about winter. Its also the time of year I crack out my slow cooker.

Sadly the ceramic insert of my slow cooker cracked last week. Do you remember the clementine and sage roasted chicken? Well I then shoved the remains into my slow cooker and made a heavenly chicken soup and a risotto in the slow cooker and then craaaaack *cry* I am very sad as it was a wedding present, and the manufacturers no longer make slow cookers. Boo! Which means I’m now weighing up the pro’s and cons of other options and relying on my oven instead. Luckily my oven is now all clean and sparkly and ready for action! The result of some housework yesterday!


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