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Baking conversions and cheat sheets


Presumable, like me, a lot of you source much of your cooking inspiration and recipes from the www. One thing I do struggle with is conversions for things like oven temperatures (I work in Celsius not Fahrenheit), weights (I work in kilograms) and volumes (I work in millilitres). And I’ve always been fascinated by the “sticks of butter” used in the US. It turns out they are roughly 113g! For my sanity, I use a skinny slice of 125g from my 500g slab instead, it works out to much the same.

With lovely recipes from all over the world now easily accessible, its handy to have a quick conversion table to hand, and this one is my favourite. I have it printed out and stuck to my fridge for easy reference.

And for weight to volume conversions for some more common baking ingredients, check out these conversion tables on Diana’s Desserts! If you’re looking for a wider range of ingredients, you will find this conversion calculator far more useful.

Hope this helps!


Author: Skuggs

A Mom, a Geek, a Cook and apparently an Engineer.

2 thoughts on “Baking conversions and cheat sheets

  1. I love how you use this to change measurements from Imperial to Metric because I’ll be using for just the opposite! Also, a stick of butter should be 1/2 cup, or 125g so you nailed it! Seriously loving your blog.

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