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Quick and Easy Apple Blackberry Jam


After the astounding success of our lovely Damson Jam, my lovely foodie friend, L, and I decided to have a bash at some Apple Blackberry Jam. I have had a huge bushel of apples carefully collected from the local abandoned apple orchard. The bushel has been regularly expanded by the Toddler, who’s new favourite past time is to, “Lets go walk pick Apples, Mummy.” And so we do. Fortunately there aren’t very many left, as our neighbours have been doing some picking of their own.

Blackberrying was also great. I dragged my long suffering Spouse and two children out for a long walk with the intention of picking as many as possible. We didn’t get too many, around a kilo but combined with L’s Blackberry stash, we had plenty. We did the jam making at my house again. We did manage to slightly mess up by forgetting to actually boil the jam at setting point for five minutes. We blame the distracting Toddlers. But we soon resolved that by redoing the batch and its now perfect! Its lovely and thick, with whole blackberries and big squidgy chunks of apple! You can alter the recipe depending on how many Blackberries you pick. A half and half ratio of apples to blackberries is fine. Even slightly more apples would probably work well too. I’m not too keen on the recipes I’ve found that have 2 kilo’s of blackberries and 2 apples. WAY too much picking effort there relative to the volume of jam you’re going to get.Ingredients (makes 9-10 small jars):

1.2kg of Blackberries

800g of Apples, skinned, cored and chopping into small chunks

2kg of preserving sugar (or ordinary sugar, but you’ll need to add extra pectin)

The juice from a lemon


Pour your chopped apples and whole blackberries into a super large pot with a splash of water. Pop on the lid and put over a low heat. Gradually bring your fruit to the boil, the apples will soften and the blackberries will release loads of juice. We like our jam fairly chunky, and done this way, the blackberries will keep most of their original shape. If you prefer a much smoother jam, you can mash yours with a fork or potato masher and then sieve it. Once the fruit is the texture you’re looking for, add in your sugar (and pectin) and bring to a boil until the jam reaches setting point. Boil for five minutes. Stir through the lemon juice and pour carefully into warm sterilised jars, sealing carefully with the lids. Leave to cool so the lids can form their vacuum magic.

Label and enjoy! Its very yummy stirred through oatmeal porridge or on nice hot toast! Good on scones too!


Author: Skuggs

A Mom, a Geek, a Cook and apparently an Engineer.

2 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Apple Blackberry Jam

  1. That must be divine on fresh bread! You are going to turn me into a Cooking mom soon…

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